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As big believers in bee ingredients such as propolis & bee pollen, we are always looking for case studies. If you have found Bee Prepared immune support with bee propolis, elderberry and more to be an effective immune system booster and it has helped you with colds, flu and hayfever please get in touch, we’d love to speak to you and maybe you would consider being interviewed for a press write up.

Trials: Or if you are suffering from a major illness, or have come out of a major bout of illness and need some help boosting your immunity, let us know. We are selecting people for trials where you will be able to try Bee prepared immune support with bee propolis free of charge for a set period if you agree to tell us about your experience.

UnBEElievable Health & our team of nutritional experts are here to help you with ANY questions you may have about our Bee Prepared immune support, natural health or bees. We would also love to hear your comments, suggestions and feedback on our wellness formula, BEE Prepared immune support with bee propolis, elderberry & more

We will endeavor to respond as soon as we can!

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