Frequently Asked Questions

Is BEE Prepared Immune Support suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?

BEE Prepared has been approved by the Vegetarian Society. It does, however, contain bee propolis (a bee by-product), so it may not be considered vegan.

Is it safe to take it while pregnant or nursing?

BEE Prepared contains natural-source ingredients, but it is always advisable for pregnant and nursing women to consult with their doctors before taking any food supplements.

Is it safe for children to take?

Our tasty chewables are formulated for anyone aged 4 and up. BEE Prepared contains natural-source ingredients that have been used for many years in food supplements and traditional remedies by all ages.

If your child suffers from allergies, as with other supplements, seek professional advice before administering. If your child is allergic to bee products or to bee stings we do not advise giving the child this product or any other food supplement containing bee ingredients. Reactions to propolis are extremely rare and are usually limited to a skin rash or mild irritation.

I’ve had a cold for a few days. If I start taking BEE Prepared now, will it still help?

BEE Prepared can be taken regularly as part of an overall maintenance program to help support the immune system. You may prefer to only take it right at the onset of a cold or virus (if you choose to do this, it is always best to take at the very first signs of illness) before or during travel and when feeling run down.

Can I take it daily?

All of the ingredients are safe to take on a daily basis should you wish.

Are there any side effects from taking BEE Prepared Immune Support?

Most people will experience no side effects, however, as with all food supplements, those who suffer from food allergies should seek professional advice before administering. Allergies to bee propolis are extremely rare and usually only result in a rash or mild skin irritation, but if you think you might be at risk, please seek professional advice before taking this product. People who are allergic to bee stings should not take this product without first consulting a medical professional.

I eat a balanced diet; why should I take this supplement?

We believe it is of the utmost importance to eat a healthy balanced diet. BEE Prepared contains specific ingredients that are not usually found in abundance – if at all – in a standard healthy diet. These ingredients work synergistically to help support the body’s natural functions and defenses. We do not feel it is necessary to add any ingredients that one may already get from a good diet or a multivitamin.

From where are the ingredients sourced ?

All of our ingredients are sourced whenever possible from providers in the EU. We believe in keeping our carbon footprint low wherever possible. Bee Prepared is manufactured in the UK.


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