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Founded in 2010, British brand Unbeelievable Health was created with the help of a small team of health and wellness experts and industry veterans, with the idea in mind to help make it easier for busy people be healthier, naturally.

Unbeelievable’s targeted supplements have been formulated by experienced certified nutritionists using highest quality plant-sourced nutrients – the lion’s share of which are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin, and all ingredients selected have a proven history of benefits. These researched based supplements are designed to fill gaps in the market with high demand.

Founder Sarah Orecchia, an entrepreneur who comes from a marketing, design and business background, realised that the wellness industry was starting to take off but that figuring out which supplements to take for various issues could be quite confusing for many people.

She and her team researched the market and found that many supplements were single ingredients, meaning a number of products would often need to be purchased and that targeted supplements often contained the same things (and were often comprised of synthetic vitamins and minerals) and sometimes appeared to be no more than multivitamins, which can be concerning if one takes more than one, which could lead to taking too much of certain vitamins and minerals.

Unbeelievable’s supplements all contain different ingredients in therapeutic amounts. They are safe to take daily, or as needed, and the different supplements may be taken together if desired. They address specific health issues such as the immune system, low energy, stress and anxiety and sleep and can help with colds, flu, hay fever, jet lag, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, sleeplessness and more.

The ingredients are always sourced in the EU when possible and the products are produced in one of the UK’s top GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities which makes nutritional supplements. All of our supplements comply with EU and UK regulations and have all been approved by UK Trading Standards Primary Authority.

Why choose Unbeelievable Health’s supplements?

  • Unique all-in-one blends
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Formulated by certified nutritionists
  • Excellent consumer reviews
  • Therapeutic doses so fewer capsules required
  • Vegetarian- plant and food sourced ingredients

Unbeelievable Health also helps raise awareness about the importance of bees and donates a portion of sales to bee causes and research.

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