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Are Unbeelievable Health’s supplements suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?

All of our supplements are vegetarian. They do, however, contain sustainably sourced bee products such as propolis, bee pollen & royal jelly (each product has different ingredients), so are not considered vegan.

Why are the capsules sometimes different colours?

We use plant sourced ingredients and the colour of the capsules varies from batch to batch depending on many things including the time of year the ingredients are harvested. For example, the colour of the propolis and elderberry can range from quite light, to dark. The colour should have no effect on the efficacy of the product. The ingredients all are subjected to strict quality control.

Why are the boxes sometimes a slightly different colour or design from the ones I had before?

We change our box design from time to time to update awards or just to try to make them look nicer. Sometimes this concerns people and they have asked if they can be ‘fakes’ (sometimes asking about boxes they buy from Amazon- we sell direct to them so no worries there). Someone faking our products is extremely unlikely. It would be incredibly complicated for someone to do that. However, if you are ever concerned about a box, please email us photos at

Is it safe to take it while pregnant or nursing?

It is always advisable for pregnant and nursing women to consult with their doctors before taking any food supplements (and most doctors advice against using any bee products, including honey, as there is some concern that it may cause allergies down the line in the baby).

Are the supplements suitable for children?

Bee prepared immune formulas are suitable for children over 8 (and if younger, as advised by a health practitioner). Bee energised, Bee calm and Bee rested are designed for adults, although a certified nutritionist or health practitioner may advise them for older children and young adults.

Could they cause an allergic reaction?

Unbeelievable supplements contain natural, plant-sourced ingredients that have been used for many years in food supplements and traditional remedies however, there is always the risk of a reaction with any food or supplement. They do not contain gluten, soy, yeast, sugar or nuts.

If you suffer from allergies, as with other supplements, seek professional advice before administering. If you are allergic to bee products or to bee stings we do not advise taking this product or any other food supplement containing bee ingredients. Reactions to propolis are extremely rare and are usually limited to a skin rash or mild irritation. Bee pollen can cause more serious reactions if allergic.

I’ve had a cold for a few days. If I start taking BEE Prepared immune formula now, will it still help?

BEE Prepared can be taken regularly as part of an overall maintenance program to help support the immune system. You may prefer to only take it right at the onset of a cold or virus (if you choose to do this, it is always best to take at the very first signs of illness) before or during travel and when feeling run down. Taking after you are already ill may help reduce the number of days you are ill.

May I take these supplements daily?

All of the ingredients are safe to take on a daily basis should you wish.

May I take more than one of the supplements together?

Unbeelievable supplements all contain different ingredients and may be taken together if desired.

Are there any side effects from taking these supplements?

Most people will experience no side effects, however, as with all food supplements, those who suffer from food allergies should seek professional advice before administering. They may be taken with or without food.

Sometimes Bee prepared immune formula max has a fishy smell, is that normal?

Bee prepared max contains astaxanthin, a sea plant/ algae (salmon & flamingoes feed on it and it’s what gives them their colour) and the colour and odour of it varies from batch to batch. In addition, it contains an abundance of propolis which is also highly fragrant. Our ingredients are high quality and all have to pass rigorous quality control tests.

I eat a balanced diet; why should I take these supplements?

We all know how important eating a healthy balanced diet is. Our supplements are unique in that they are formulated by nutritionists combining nutrients with proven benefits which are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin. These ingredients work synergistically to help support the body’s natural functions and defences.

Will I see an effect right away?

They are designed to have an effect straight away (although some people may require higher doses than others or may need to take them for a little longer), however, benefits do build with time.

From where are the ingredients sourced and where are the products made?

All of our ingredients are sourced whenever possible from providers in the EU. We believe in keeping our carbon footprint low wherever possible. Bee Prepared is manufactured in the UK in a top GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility.

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