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Did you know that bees are often referred to as a flying pharmacy? The substances they produce are packed with nutrients and can be highly beneficial for health.

Bee propolis alone has over 2000 studies on its use for modulating the immune system, healing skin, promoting a healthy gut and even helping fight superbugs like MRSA due to its natural antibiotic and antiviral properties.

Bee pollen is the only substance known to man to contain the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids. It’s been shown to help improve energy and stamina in sports and also has a number of fascinating studies behind it.

Royal jelly has fewer studies behind it, but nonetheless, some very interesting ones, including how it may help improve sleep and tension. Sleeplessness is often exacerbated by stress, depression and anxiety. Royal jelly contains a brain chemical called acetylcholine which has been shown to enhance cognitive function. Disruption in acetylcholine production has been linked to anxiety and sleep issues.

Honey has been shown in studies to have numerous benefits, including helping improve sleep, relieving anxiety and stress and improving the gut microbial balance. It has also been shown to make a great sports energy gel swap,

Buying sustainable bee products creates demand which encourages more people to keep bees and beekeepers are crucial to helping honeybee colonies thrive. Bees are responsible for 1/3 of all we eat and help pollinate things like coffee beans and cotton. Their numbers have been on the decline for many years, due to a number of issues like pesticides, varroa mites, intensive farming leading to a decline in wildflowers (bee nosh!) and also- the fact that the number of beekeepers has been falling over the last 100 years.

According to Bees for Business, ‘some have argued that we should simply not “keep” bees but let them get on with it all naturally. The reality is that, if that was the case, in this country it is unlikely that we’d have many bees at all. Disease, cold and lack of food during key times of the year are just some of the challenges facing honeybees’. To have more bees we need more people keeping bees, (and more flowers for them to feed on), it’s simple.

Fortunately, in recent years the number of beekeepers has started to rise again as the demand for bee products has risen sharply.

We think bee products are the bees knees (sorry). Honeybees are almost like little alchemists, and as the wonderful substances they produce blend so synergistically with other plant-sourced nutrients, we felt it only right to make them the cornerstone of our products. We love bees and help raise awareness about the importance of them and we also donate a portion of sales to bee causes and research.

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